Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery

Level One -Basic Obedience

Blakes Tiver Road Veterinary Centre offer a five week Level One Basic Obedience course at our facility in Evanston. Level One Basic Obedience is offered to dogs aged 16 weeks of age and older. Your pup will have entered the next developmental stage at this time, where you will be facing different issues and meeting different behaviours from your dog. Through our five-week training course, your family and your dog will learn about proofing basic obedience.

Our classes are limited to eight dogs to ensure you and your dog receive a personalised service. The cost for this five week course is $180.00.

Throughout the Level One Basic Obedience, you will learn:
Focus and engagement, sit with distractions, drop/stay with distractions, recall with distractions, stay with distractions, loose leash walking and basic household manners.